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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Blog with Xoduszero

I made a big mistake early on in this race - I stuffed Xoduszero words into a non-sense language I made up. After realizing my big mistake (Google doesn't like unknown languages) it was too late...

So for my part, this XodusZero site is a site designed to be a site. The reason for this Xoduszero website is simply because it is and I can. If you have any problems navigating this Xodus zero website...that is probably due to the fact that this is the only page and there is no navigation. Please enjoy your visit and browse around...umm, well browse may be a little wishful thinking as there really is no browsing here. How about having a look at Xodus zero instead of browsing. There is zero useful content on this page as Xodus is not really a word so having this be a useful page would be tough and...well, a waste of time to be honest. Oh, wait...why don't we make Xoduszero a word. There you go, an official definition with a pronunciation guide. Think the word will catch on? Well it has a definition now because I could, so I did.

Once again, it seems blog's have ruled Google’s ranking system- check out Ree’s blog for the term Xoduszero. Currently he is the number #1 spot, and ironically enough, has little content optimization for the keyword Xoduszero...Could he be following Anil's technique which won him Dark Blue's SEO Challenge..."

Friday, July 23, 2004

First Xoduszero Post

Everyone on the internet knows that Google has changed the way people find websites. With Google's heavily protected algorithms changed yet again, the challenge has come to drive our pages to the top of Google.

With so many Search Engine Optimization companies now popping up we have put together a very simple competition to see who is the best at what they do. This competition is to see who can take an unlisted phrase and compete against other SEO Experts in Canada to be listed number 1 in Google.

MonsterHosting.ca is giving away a 17" Flat Screen Monitor to any Webmaster or SEO in Canada who can take their page to the #1 rank for a non-commercial and non-sensible search term - that is not listed in any Google Search.

The term will be announced on July 7th, 2004 11 AM PST in this forum

This competition runs from July 7th, 2004 11 AM PST to August 7th, 2004 11 AM PST. The prize will be awarded to the page that is ranked number 1 at the competition completion. The prize will be shipped to the Winner at no cost to them.

How to Enter:
  • Sign up and become a member of the GoogleDance.ca forums
  • Post in this forum that you agree to the rules here
  • A logo will be sent to you with your username that will need to be displayed on the winning page.
  • Your account will be upgraded to Participant in the forum
The Rules:
  • The number 1 position on Google will be judged by the owner of MonsterHosting.ca on August 7th, 2004 at 11 AM PST at their personal computer.
  • The judges decision is final
  • Participating companies must be Canadian based
  • The competition logo must be displayed on the page, if the logo is not the next page that does display the logo will win